Cat got your....yarn?

Love the random, proper grammar optional


"To Do"

I thought it might be fun to make a To Do list that I wouldn't lose before I got a chance to complete it. Also, you may be familiar with my adoration of lists in general, hehe.

1. Study for Cell Biology, hard core considering the test is on Tuesday.
2. Study for Histology, there is entirely too much information in that class... I did some, but I will never be done- not until the exam. Ugh.
3. Do Ethics homework.
4. Go to Wallie world to pick up some supplies.
A New Alarm Clock, mine has recently decided to work when it feels like it
New scrubs, wearing the same ones all the time is getting old (and smelly)
Hangers for the Homemade Christmas Ornaments I should have sent out 2 days ago
More string to make more ornaments
Hand soap, RT is anything but dirty, I'm pretty sure we should have stock in Dial
White Out, I know this may come as a huge shock, but I am NOT perfect, bummer
Possibly a Cosmo and some Chocolate, need I say more?

5. Unpack/put away at least 3 boxes. We have been living there 3 months people. When will the insanity end? I actually put away like 10 boxes. We are getting to close to "moved in," I can taste it!
6. Load up the dishwasher. I really don't want our guests on Friday to think we are complete shlubs, aka I don't want them to know the truth.
7. Knit on my mittens.
8. Get everything together for classes tomorrow.
9. Get everything ready so I can mail out those ornaments before class tomorrow.
10. Take dog sweater I made into school for my lab partner's Chihuahua. She said that it probably woulndn't fit Lola because I made it just under cat-sized. Lola is more like just under water bottle-size. Oh goodness that is small.
11. Charge my cell phone. I might be adding Buy new cell phone to this list soon. My stupid battery can't hold a charge to save its life and it is scratched beyond recognition. It was a hand-me-down. ETA: I understand this was an easy one, but I've gotta have a couple easy things to help me feel more accomplished!
12. Buy plane tickets for my Christmas Vacation.
13. Start on Christmas cards... at least purchase some, and decide what we are going to do for a "family photo."
14. Try not to freak out that I have less than 2 "weeks" of classes left before my first ever round of vet school finals. Eek.

As today was a crappy day filled with rain and darkness, I will leave you pictures of flowers. The picture is one that I took because I just love the color combinations. Those were flowers for a wedding held here at work, so beautiful.


I would much rather post

School is keeping me so busy, but somehow I would much rather post and/or read blogs than do my homework, go figure. I don't have a whole lot of knitting news, but hopefully I will soon. In knitting news absence (say that 5 times, fast), I have decided to post about my possible trip for Christmas.

It has been a long time since I have been on vacation. While people might consider weeks here and there off of work to visit home "vacations," they are highly mistaken. I usually have about 17 thousand things to do each day when I am home because everyone wants to see me. I feel bad if I forget anyone, or just plain can't fit them in.

Well, my baby brother decided to go and fix that problem. He can't come to the East Coast for Thanksgiving or Christmas because he can't be some many miles from his place of employment...blah blah blah. Basically, he will be going overseas after Christmas which keeps him trapped on base and makes my mother desperate to get us all in one place for the holidays. It just so happens that his base is very close to Las Freaken Vegas. YEAH!

Merry Christmas, I'm going to gamble, and possibly drink copious amounts of alcohol....:-P

Thank you Todder! Isn't he cute with his dog Kitzu back in September when RT and I had the "Surprise We're Married" party.

*Before anyone gets upset, Kitzu enjoys laying like that. As a matter of fact, she has actually positioned herself like that in Todd's arms. Don't ask me why, she is just weird.


A Tale of Two Restaurants

Saturday was "Date Night" at our house. After RT finished his 8-hour work day, at 2 in the afternoon, we packed up and headed to the Conservatory. I love the Conservatory. It can be equated to a Museum, for plants.

My friend, as it was a double date, enjoyed messing with the Sausage Plant. (I swear this is what it was labeled, but I can't find anything on the internet.) (And, yes, we both have the mentality of 12-year-old boys). We enjoyed seeing beautiful plants, artwork, and taking goofy couple photos. All of the pictures of RT and I came out craptastically.

There is even a koi pond to play near. One fish is particularly friendly and swims right up to get attention. He looks like he could lay off the fishy snacks, hehehe.

After the conservatory, we decided that we were hungry. My friends had heard of this place called Spagio's that wasn't too far away. It sounded great. They sat us quickly because there were maybe 5 other tables. We deliberated over the menus because they had just great choices, and then we waited, and waited, and... uh, waited some more. I would have been more patient if they had been busy, but in my humble opinion, they were just refusing to serve us. After ~30 minutes of neglect (we did receive water), we walked out. None of the wait staff was disappointed to see us leave (another indication to me that we had "done something" to deserve this treatment).

So, instead, we went to the Grandview Cafe. They had wonderful servers, great food!, cheap booze, and RT could watch the last two minutes of his precious Buckeye football. Above all else, they didn't even refuse to serve us when we did this:

Anywho. I think, I will leave you with a funny word... "gubernaculum." Just say it out loud. hahah.


Another swap

I signed up for the Homemade Christmas Ornaments swap. I have never understood blocking until this project. It started as this lump of string. K.J. was very intrigued. Then I soaked it in a little glue water and I pinned it out. I plan to make a few more to send to each person. What do you guys think?

I haven't done any "researching," meaning I haven't googled it yet, but how do you stiffen things up? The glue water worked ok, but I just wish it was a little less flimsy. I'm pretty proud of how this one turned out, and I might even make a few for Christmas present toppers for people I think would enjoy them!

*Tomorrow I will blog about my Saturday. It was fun, but rather weird. Stay tuned.

I will leave you with this picture of Fishbowl, my friends' kitty. She is adorable, but she hates the flash, so all the pictures have her squinting! hehe.


More stuph.

A while back, through Chris' list of contests, I guessed how many socks Ms. Sew Crafty would have to knit each day in order to get through her stash in the month of SOCKtober. Well, I guessed right, and consequently added four skeins of absolutely amazing yarn to my stash. The package came on Monday and it was completely Halloween themed.

There is two pairs-worth of sock yarn wrapped in Halloween tissue paper. A package of orange Hot chocolate is standing up in the back (I've never seen anything like it before, I love it!) and two packages of chocolates, one with coffee beans inside, the other with Cherries!!

When I opened up the tissue paper, I came across absolutely beautiful yarn. The green is brilliant, not that green is my favorite color or anything. The variegated matches the color name perfectly, New England Foliage. I am in love. I can't wait to finish up the socks that I am currently working on so that I can start Mitts for my next swap-bot exchange (oh man, I think I may be addicted.) My plan is to use the New England Foliage and to copy her, who got this brilliant idea from her. Yay for great ideas! I am a big fan of using a great stitch pattern to make several different projections and I just think they look amazing!

One more huge thank you for the wonderful package. And, it does help that I can now tell RT I have a lot of catching up to do if I want a respectable sock yarn stash... hehehehehe.

Anyway, I think I will leave you with a picture of Gus-gus. He loves the camera, so it is hard to get a picture of him that isn't just a wrinkly nose, or a panting tongue. hehe.

( I guess I will insert those pictures later, lamearse blogger isn't letting me...)