Cat got your....yarn?

Love the random, proper grammar optional


Top 5 Reasons to know I love you!

5. I am willing to call you. While this may seem like a simple task to most, picking up the phone and dialing it is really quite difficult to me...

4. I allow you to stay at my house. I must be super confident that allowing you a sneak peak at how filthy I am won't scare you off- for long.

3. I spend some of my stash-enhancing money on you! The facts of life are, most of the time I would rather spend rare extra cash on yarn...sorry, hehe.

2. I take goofy pictures of myself with you. Pictures of me= never flattering.

1. I take a greyhound to come visit you. Although it is a cheap way to travel, it is always an interesting experience for me. I've had one gentleman (?) ofter to pleasure me (apparently he came highly recommended- the last girl he sat next to), a bus driver tell me I was wasting my time trying to become a vet (RN was the way to go- you can do anything as a RN) and several break downs (the last one was a 3 hour ordeal in -idontevenknowwhere- because 4 lug nuts had fallen off- we were about to lose the tire!!).

This weekend I had a great time with my bestest friend, Joli. We did lots of stuff, but mostly it was just great to be in the same state as Joli Sucy!! I really enjoyed the wildlife room because she introduced me to Jimmy the box turtle and this itty-bitty thing...