Cat got your....yarn?

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E is for Elephant

I may have a motive behind bringing you here with a cute picture of a baby elephant....

Every year since high school, I have participated in the MS Walk. It is a cause I believe highly in. This is a disease that affects more than 2.5 million people all over the world. I need your help.

I just signed up for the MS walk today and so I am a little behind the ball on fund raising. Please sponsor me by going here. Or you can leave me a message here and I will let you know where to send the check!

Where does the elephant come in? Well, I have been in this city for a couple years now and they used to hold the walk at the soccer stadium near my apartment. Last year, my hubby and I pulled up in our car only to find no one had shown up. Did we have the date wrong? Was society completely forgetting that giving back is an important part of success as a community?

No. We hadn't bothered to notice that the venue had changed. They held the walk at the Zoo last year and we got to walk around adoring the beautiful animals! It was amazing as one of my favorite places is the zoo. I look forward to it this year too, but it would be even better with your help.

Even $5 helps! Thanks a bunch in advance.


Dead of winter

I was attempting to keep my ABCAlong knitting-related but I guess I am going to have to break that. In trying to come up with a word for “D,” I kept coming back to one word… Death. That is not too fun to talk about, right? I think I have come up with an acceptable solution though.

I love winter. People tell me I am crazy because there are so many things wrong with winter. The roads are horrible. The weather sucks. The sun rarely comes out. Everything is dead. Well, I’m ok with all of those things because… I don’t drive. I am unfortunately always inside - I used to work in a radiology department. How many windows do you think they have around that place?! Hehe.

As for that last complaint, everything is dead. I think one of the most magical parts of winter is that it can even make the most dead of gardens look absolutely beautiful…

So, my D is a little late (what’s new?), but D is for The Dead of winter…