Cat got your....yarn?

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Unexpected trip

Although my life has become amazingly busy, like I was told it would, I have to put it on hold this weekend to take an emergency trip home. Somedays I wonder if things could get any harder, and I fear that if I think that too loud, the Powers that Be will decide to show me that they can...

On a brighter note, I am thoroughly enjoying school. Lab has been great, and I am excited to be back into studying! I know, I am a dork. One of my classmates, as we spend our entire day learning with everyone in the Class of 2010, has already brought her knitting to class. I don't think I'm quite that brave, yet.

I have finished up my baby sweater (eta: sans buttons) for my friend. Hopefully I will get a chance to take photos later this week. Perhaps I should like, actually finish it first, as it still does need buttons. (I am such a liar).

I have decided that the up-side to my trip is that I will be able to take some knitting along. Is that still allowed on planes? I signed up for Socktoberfest because there is no pressure. I like that because who knows if I will be able to finish one sock, let alone a whole pair... gawd. Anyway, you can click on the cute little button below to learn a little more about it. If you would like to join, make sure to read how to properly add the button to your own blog. I have a bunch of sock yarn at home that I will be looking through to decide which to start with.

There are two finished mitts on my desk at home. They will be finding their way to a new home once I make another pair, and find some other goodies to stick in there with it. Swap-bot has been fun, and I might sign up for more once I've made it successfully through the three swaps that I signed up for initially.

I should totally be studying right now. If you can't tell, I'm a little stressed and my mind tends to wander. Hopefully you will be able to make sense of this post, although I have a feeling that I will be taking it down soon because quality control will eventually get the best of me...



There was one moving casualty that I found mildly amusing! As I moved all of my stuff into RT's apartment, I had to organize stuff, particularly in the front closet, so that we could still move around for the week that we had to live there.

Now, I will say that like many people I bet (although, if you are reluctant to admit it, I do understand), I tend to make a bigger mess before the whole organizing process is said and done. So, all the contents of the closet littered the floor of the living room before I was able to load everything back in. While unloading, I forgot that one of the many boxes in the closet housed a secret stash of cat nip that I had purchased to have at RT's in case of emergency. The stash, having yet to encounter "an emergency" was quite large. Well, let's just say that Liberace did not forget it was there.

Before I even remember it had been in the closet, Liberace had it out.

And in a flash, he had it opened, and sprinkled generously all over the floor and himself. Boy was that messy, but luckily my kitties were able to entertain themselves for the rest of the day. All you had to do was point out something shiny and KJ would contemplate that for a good couple of minutes. He spent most of the afternoon glancing at various aesthetically pleasing objects around the room. I think I even caught him once thinking "Dude, my paws, the look like sooo big." hehe. What funny kitties I have.

More pictures from vacation. It's hard to get all The Boys in the same room nowadays. They are so cute!


I got a new toy!

Yesterday, after RT got off of work, we went out running errands. Being the terrific man that he is, the last errand was a stop to the Knitter's Mercantile. I picked up a ball winder. I had been wanting one for a long time. Of course, as soon as I got home, I did a little bit of playing while RT took a nap. This new work schedule is a little rough on him (T-Saturday 6AM-2).

Look how pretty:

Also, I have some pictures from vacation. I think I will probably share a bunch more as the posts go on, now that I can finally upload them. Look at how adorable my brother and my mother are. He came all the way from California to surprise me. It was such a great time!!!

Tim-tim is a "new daddy" and this is his daughter Taylor. It is so funny how we are all growing up!


Whirl wind

I know, I know. I was doing so well, and then two whole weeks go by!

Well, last week was "vacation." I am just going to make a list, a day to day playlist if you will.

1. I worked
2. We finished cleaning out RT's old apartment (including breaking the vacuum).
3. Packed up the car.
4. Drove to Cleveland.
5. Slept on the pull-out couch at RT's parents house.

1. Moved everything from RT's old car to his mother's car (we borrowed it for the week, score).
2. Went out to breakfast with the fam de RT.
3. Drove from Cleveland to Rochester.
4. Couldn't find anyone where we supposed to meet.
5. Drove to Grandpa's house in the next town over...
6. Family Dinner, friends come over to hang out.
7. Find out we have a hotel room, drive to hotel (another 20 minutes, hehe).
8. Take a jacuzzi (sp?) bath, mm.
9. Pass the f- out.

1. Wake up earlier to get Continental breakfast.
2. Put RT down for his nap. hehe.
3. Walk over to Wal-mart to buy bubbles for jacuzzi!
4. Meet Mother for lunch (and Sarah :-) ). Mel joined in.
5. Go to Yarn store. I will show you loot later.
6. Pick up RT, fully rested.
7. Big family dinner at Grandpa's.
8. More friend hang-age.
9. Drive back to hotel, take bubble bath.
10. Pass the f- out.

1. Wake up earlier for Continental breakfast.
2. Drive to Grandpa's house to meet mom.
3. Start on journey to Mother's friend's house to go horse back riding.
4. Be late.
5. Go horse back riding.
6. Drive to Mother's house.
7. Pick up supplies and dogs.
8. Drive back to Grandpa's (realize that Mother and Grandpa live about 2 hours apart).
9. Dinner, mm.
10. Have friends over for socializing even though by this point you are reduced to pile of tired goo that would rather rock quietly in the corner while talking to yourself. (Poor, Deanna, this is the only socializing she got with me...)
11. Drive back to hotel, collapse.

1. See previous number 1.'s.
2. Check out of sweetest hotel room eva... my family is great to me. You could take a jacuzzi bubble bath WHILE watching TV, I may have attempted to knit at the same time. It was a little overwhelming!
3. Do the car shuffle, getting all the dogs into Grandpa's truck.
4. Visit the vet hospital to see old boss, and get dogs' annual check up.
5. Go to Aunt Shirley's and Uncle Rick's to check e-mail, drop off bags and pet puppies.
6. Go to Grandpa's pick up kitties, drop them off at the vets.
7. Go back to Aunt Shirley's so RT can check his e-mail.
7a. Have lunch with Grams (how did I forget this?)
7b. Pick up the kitties from the vet, they have a clean bill of health :-).
8. Try to help make dinner... aka, sit exhausted at the table while Mom does all the work.
9. Big family dinner.
10. Go out to bar with family and friends that had line dancing... stare, amazed at the people who are a.) THAT coordinated and b.) Have enough energy to participate in more than half a song... would anyone really notice if I crawled into that corner over there? It looks pretty dark...
11. Get my brother kicked out because I bought him a shot, boy am I a bad influence. I'm sure glad he can shoot people for a living but can have a drink when he's out to the bar with his Mother and his Sister... things might get out of control.
12. Play ref between people...
13. Very late night trip to McDonald's with RT and my cuzo.
14. Arrive much to late (we are very rude guests), to find that the door that was supposed to be left open- was, but the screen door before it was locked, oh no.
15. Pass out after RT rambles about "Is the car ok parked there? Is it in the way? Maybe I should go move it?" No, dear, you are probably too inebriated to park yourself-in-a-chair, let alone the car, hehe.

1. Stumble out of bed way too early.
2. Go dress shopping (that was way too much fun).
3. Meet with Aunt Ruth and Uncle Dave for lunch.
4. After lunch was a visit with the other Grandpa in the hospital, and Grandma. Boy was that hard.
5. Then it was back to Aunt Shirley's to get dressed for the wedding.
6. The wedding, wow am I jealous.
7. The reception were I, and RT of course ran into my ex-boyfriend's father. That was interesting. Gotta love small towns...
8. Drive back to Aunt Shirley's to watch TV before passing out.

1. This is where it should read "Got up early to go play with Deanna." Unfortunately, if I said that I would be a liar. I totally missed my chance to spend time with Dea, one of my dearest friends.
2. Woke up way too late, and headed over to Grandpa's house.
3. Helped with last minute cooking and cleaning for guests that were about to invade the house.
4. Greeted everyone that so graciously came to Grandpa's to see ME, and my family!
5. Ate a wonderful meal with VERY special people, sharing exciting news, and socializing.
6. Helped clean up.
7. Went out with Mom, TO, Nay, Eric, Mel, RT, Arthur, Tim-tim, Jamie, and I think that's about it, to the bar.
8. Watched OSU WIN BABY YEAH. Texas, it's what's for dinner.
9. Watched family members get drunk, took butt loads of pictures (why, then is this a pictureless post kristen--- good question).
10. Went home way too late again. (Aunt Shirley is never going to let us come back!)

1. Woke up way too early, hehe.
2. Packed the car.
3. Said goodbyes (this was the horrible part).
4. Five hour car ride.
5. Dinner with RT's parents.
6. Move stuff into RT's new (to him) car.
7. Drove 2 hours back to Columbus.
8. Unpacked car.
9. Realized vacation is over and house is still a mess from moving.
10. Collapsed, exhausted because Monday was a 12 hour work day!

So. That was my vacation. Boy am I tired.