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Finally a C

C is for class knitting. Since school is my job right now, I spend entirely too much time in my chair in the Wexner Auditorium. To stay sane, I knit between classes, and sometimes during class as discussed before.

Most recently, I completed a project for a class-wide Secret Valentine program. I was lucky enough to be assigned to my desk mate (even though it was designed to get people to meet new people)! It was perfect because I knew just what to get her. Back in November, I had made a Sheldon for my little niece and she had oohhed and awwed over it then. I thought a pink and purple Sheldon would be the perfect gift. It was assembled as she watched but luckily for me, she never asked who the recipiant would be!

Boy was she surprised to receive the project. And he is in attendance everyday. He probably pays more attention than I do... hehe!


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