Cat got your....yarn?

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Har har

So, funny story.

I normally have to study away from home to keep the distractions down. One of my favorite places is Panera (this isn’t really a commercial, I swear). This is because it has a great amount of background noise, availability of food/drinks, and it has WIRELESS! For example, I had class from 8am-2pm yesterday, then went straight to Panera and stayed until they kicked me out at 8:30.

Even though the whole point is to have less distractions, I sometimes still manage to get off track, especially when it comes to the internet. So, yesterday I was perusing my normal list of knitting blogs, reading about what everybody was up to today. As I preceded down the list, I was denied access to not one, but TWO of the Knitting websites!! Are you kidding?! Apparently Panera’s filter felt that several of my “must reads” contain inappropriate material for public reading…haha.

Can you guess which two?!

Merry Christmas from Vegas last year. This is one of my favorite pictures ever.


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