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Cross your legs

Everyone I know has just gotten pregnant or joined the realm of parenthood. I find this, in a way, to be like those scenes in movies/cheesy sitcoms where the recently broken-up female looks around only to find happy couples in every view. RT and I are excited to start a family, probably me more than him, but now is not the right time. School takes up a huge chunk of my time, usually more than 12 hours everyday.

Enough about me though... Do you know what a lot of babies coming into my life means?! Baby knitting galore! I recently purchased Essential Baby by Debbie Bliss. This book is full of absolutely beautiful knits. The pictures are gorgeous and the patterns are a mix of simple and more advanced styles. Currently, I am making the Vest for the newest addition to my extended family. Unfortunately, since I didn't know exactly when to expect the little one, he has been around for almost 2 weeks without any knits to wear.

I would show you a picture, but my camera has gone MIA. This is very sad for me because I normally carry my camera everywhere. I guess I had been planning on purchasing a new camera anyway, we just have to push it up a little bit.


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