Cat got your....yarn?

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According to the Webster dictionary fanatic is listed as "marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion."

Well, ever since I started reading knitting blogs I believe I could classify myself as a fanatic of Laurie over at Crazy Aunt Purl. She is very entertaining. Recently, in promoting her new book, a contest has been started. Kitties in sweaters is the game, and I'm participating. My poor cats, which have had precious few features on this blog since Izzie came into the picture, have always had to endure knitting torture. Not only are they asked not to play with the plethora of yarn stash, but they are asked to model certain knitterly creations.

I thought that it might be fun to post some of the many pictures of kitties with yarn.

This was the first incident. Liberace was the model for a sweater I made for a Jack Russel Terrier. He did the whole "I'm paralyzed," thing where he would just fall down when you let him go. I also have a (bad) picture of the intending recipient of the sweater. It was very had to catch her in the frame.

The next is more recent. KJ modeled a sweater that I made for a Yorkie. Unfortunately, it turned out way too big for the dog! KJ turned out to be quite the pin up though. Look at the way he stares over his shoulder....hehe.

Lastly, not to be left out, Izzie was acting pretty cute. This is her favorite spot in the house. Interestingly enough, this is the way she usually lays in this spot, too.


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