Cat got your....yarn?

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There is a first time for everything

For the past two weeks I have been rather obsessed with reading blogs about knitting. It is great to see so many people are just like me. Comforting to know that it isn't all that strange that I have half a dozen projects started right now and I have plans for so many more.

I am hoping that you will enjoy reading about what's going on in my world because I know that I enjoy reading the blogs of others, so here goes.....

A little bit about some of the projects I have going right now. Most of my knitting recently has been involved with making hats to donate. If anyone has any suggestions for a great cause, I am open to suggestions because I currently have 5-6 hats I have knitted in the last month that I am eager to donate somewhere around Columbus. The first one, and probably my most favorite was the first one I knit. I used the lace pattern from the sock and cardigan that was in the Creative Knitting Magazine a couple months ago. I have a tendency to make hats out of patterns for dishcloths or anything else with a repeating pattern for that matter.

As soon as I get a digital camera (which will hopefully be for my birthday next month), I will have pictures up so that anyone willing can give me pointers. Since I still consider myself a beginner, or maybe an advanced beginner, I am always looking for advice.

Can't wait to tell you more, but that is all for my first blogging experience.