Cat got your....yarn?

Love the random, proper grammar optional


Copy Cat

I've seen this all over blog land, so I thought I would give it a try.

RANDOM WEDNESDAY (thank goodness the week is half way over)

Mine is in list form:

1. Today was so busy at the vet hospital that I needed to thoroughly rehydrate once leaving, ew, gross.

2. Myspace has become a recent addiction. If you have not succumb to this yet, realize that it will severely compromise the time for activities you love like knitting, or surfing knitting blogs for a while after joining.

3. I feel like I am having a bad hair day because I was running late this morning and I didn't dry my hair.

4. This weekend I will be participating in Habitat for Humanities, looking at a townhouse I hope to move into, and participating in flash your stash (it just sounded too scandalous not to : -P).

5. Today my lunch break was non-existent. Good thing I am trying to diet anyway!

6. I have recently become aware that my mother said "Patience is a virtue" so many times to me as a child because I am totally lacking in that area. Hurry up already people.

7. Spring is in the air and I like it.

(From last year, but still beautiful)

8. One of the 4th year vet students asked me about knitting today. She wanted to see how I was knitting my sock and I was able to give her a quick lesson. I really enjoy being able to instruct people, perhaps I should keep this in mind. (On a side note-as if this whole post isn't a side note- my second sockapaloooza sock is finished with the gusset decreases and is rounding on the toe. I should be done in no time.)

9. Many people around me are experiencing romantic drama as of late. I am elated to not be in that category. He is my rock and I would love to keep him that way! hehe.

10. Tonight is poker and tomorrow is Evan's birthday. These two facts could lead to a few fun-filled days.... ifyouknowwhati'msaying.

11. I think I'm done now, but I feel I could go on and on and on. But before I go, one last random picture of some interestingly arranged stones here on campus.


I Love my job.

Apparently these guys needed their heads examined. Literally, we did skull rads (<~~ notice fancy radiology abbreviations) on these guys. The baby was only about as tall as me at the back, maybe a little shorter. So. Cute. That's all for now.

ETA: Yes, these guys are camels. I think they came from a petting zoo somewhere outside Columbus.



An affectionate nickname for my littler brother, Todd has recently joined the army. He felt this would be a good way to "do something with his life," since he was not the college type. It scares me to death though. I recently got a letter from him. He seems to really like it so far and told me all about the "really cool" things he learns on a daily basis. Even though I thought he would have a hard time getting yelled at, and the level of physical activity required, he seems to be thriving. I am seriously excited about visiting him when he graduates in May. The only problem is that means he will be shipped out that much sooner. He signed a deal to go straight overseas once he has completed training. How scary. Basically, this is a "I miss my bro" post.

PS. The cute dog is Gus, my aunt's black pug. He is a great kisser, hehe.



With half. I have finished the first sock for my sock pal. It has been done for about a week now, but I have been very busy lately. Lucky for me, I have 11 hours of work in which to get things like blogging down. I really enjoy this first sock and I can't wait to cast on for the next one.

PS. They haven't said no yet, but they haven't said yes either.