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Exam's made me do it...

...So this is a post I wrote a LONG time ago, but I never got around to uploading the image. Here it final is for your reading pleasure...

Sitting here at my computer, I have tried to come up with a wordy post for you about the wonders of studying for exams. Words escape me, so I will show you a picture instead.

This is the view that I have been stuck with for days now it seems like. My computer is the center of attention. I take almost all my notes on the computer. The internet is an unlimited source of information (just be sure to find a credible source)! It is also a great distracter when you just can’t think anymore.

To the left, we have the ever essential source of caffeine and source of motivation. For caffeine I choose coke today, but it could be Mountain Dew or coffee or tea. The main idea is to provide a stimulant because my body’s favorite way to escape the torture of little sleep and endless reading and learning is to fall asleep. For motivation, I have my current knitting project. I have found it is useful to set little goals for myself and once they have been met I am allowed to knit for a predetermined amount of time. It works well. My current project is a plain hat with a seed stitch cuff, very good for the zoning/relaxing.

To the right, we see my fuzzy cell phone case I knit up. This is the way DH keeps track of me. Sometimes the studying keeps me away from him and “the zoo,” way too long but it is a necessary evil.

Under the computer are my shoes. They must be easily removable to facilitate the learning. Who can learn with shoes on? Hehe.You can also see my headphones sitting on the computer. Studying in a public place, even if it is the student lounge, I find it absolutely necessary to drowned out the noise, or silence, with music. It helps keep the part of my brain that wants to check facebook or ravelry or twitter busy so that I can get some work done.

Speaking of that… I do need to get some work done. So, yeah, E is for Exam… see ya!


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