Cat got your....yarn?

Love the random, proper grammar optional


Holy lots to talk about

1. I am enjoying making something that people can recognize. Currently, I do not have to deal with the scrunched-nose question, "What cha makin'?"

Do you recognize the knitting bag?!

2. School is insane right now. Everything at the end of the quarter always gets all behind and I have to work non-stop to make to the finish line. When I used to run, I would sprint the last little bit just to get it over with. Well, I feel like I've been sprinting for quite a while now, hopefully I make it to the end...

3. It is getting closer and closer to summer when I will be doing some exciting things! I will be going to New York for a long visit with family and friends and old co-workers! I will be visiting with my aunt and uncle from Louisville and I will be doing a lot of training....which leads me to the last exciting thing...

4. We got a puppy!!! This is has been my thought processes lately.... "Puppy, puppy, puppy, puppy...," so I finally talked RT into getting her as my early birthday present. We are having so much fun and she is so very smart. I'm hoping to train her and maybe start some agility classes once she gets big enough. I had forgotten how much I loved dogs...

She still doesn't have a name though, any suggestions?!