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Molecular Genetics

I have a problem. I have this problem where I lapse into fits of juvenile behavior. Luckily, it is a problem that I can keep mostly under raps, but I had trouble today.

You see, today in molecular genetics, we learned about replicons. Replicons. Being totally engrossed in the material at hand (ha), my mind was free to wander and conjure up images. I couldn't help it but giggle. Really, it wasn't my fault, but I was sorry as soon as I did. It was obvious that I was not giggle because of something the profession had wittingly said. I am sure that has never happened to the instructor in question. I felt silly that I had let my mind wander because of replicons, but I laughed again in spite of myself. I was on the verge of a serious giggle episode. Compounded by giddiness caused by lack of sleep, giggles were threatening to erupt at any moment.

The cure you ask? I forced myself to realize how this thought happened to pop into my head..... I was infact, sitting through yet another MOLECULAR GENETICS class in the middle of the summer.... yes, cured me right up. hehe.


Standby for the Public Service Announcement

Last weekend was my monthly Habitat for Humanities day. I have no idea why I only do this once a month. Well, actually, come Sunday mornings, I'm always aware of why because muscles I didn't even know existed are crying out in pain.

On Saturday, the group that I take from my place of employment, started the day by building a wall on a garage. First we measured and built the frame, then one one side we nailed on the OSB and put the wall up. On the other side (the wall was split by the door frame), the wall frame was put up and then the OSB was hung on. I took "action shots" to help entice more people to come have fun with us.

After the garage had four walls (no roof, but we were not instructed to do that), my group headed up to the house. The house only had a floor, so walls were constructed and put up there too. By the end of the day, the house had 3 of the 4 first floor walls. Including one that was actually two stories high. That was amazing. I felt like I should call ma and pa and tell them about how we had a good ol' fashion house raising... hehe.

Anyway. I would recommend that you help out at your local Habitat for Humanities. I've learned a lot of useful skills for someday when I own my own house and I always feel real good about myself for at least a couple hours afterwards.

Plus, if you come to work at Habitat, I'll let you use cool power tools. I try to avoid them, someone would loose an appendage. Oh goodness.

Lastly, I wanted to end with a picture of my old Dorm. Isn't it perty? Until next time...