Cat got your....yarn?

Love the random, proper grammar optional


Remember Socktoberfest?

Yeah, remember that?

Well, just before the wire I got started... Luckily, it is a "no-pressure" type of situation.

The beautiful yarn I got from my Hotsocks pal was put straight to use...

This shot was taken a while ago now and I have managed to do the heel flap, and start the gusset since then. While I am not going to complete a whole pair of socks during Socktoberfest, I feel like I did pretty well since I had other, more pressing projects (and problems... oy!). I'm loving how the striping is working out and I absolutely love the color choices. The blue just pops so well!

Well, I guess I am done slacking/procrastinating for today. I have two exams this week, so while I might be lurking around, I don't forsee a lot of posting in the coming week. Next weekend, though- we have already planned to spend some QT with RT at the Conservatory for the Chihuly exhibit. (I'm sooo excited). I can't wait to spend more than 5 minutes with him where one of us isn't sleeping...


Exciting things, and a funny Story

More packages. My last package was from Lynn as I said. She dyed some absolutely beautiful yarn and made beautiful stitchmarkers. But, she didn't forget the chocolate. What a wonderful gift.

Secondly, I got a package from a pal for the Hot Socks! swap. She sent yummy yummy chocolate, lotion, yummy sock yarn, and a bunch of other odds and ends. It was such a great end to my week last week!

Next, I sent out a package to my Warm Hands, Warm Hearts recipient. I felt bad because it got in the mail just a tiny bit late, so I tried to make it great. I don't know if she reads this blog (I doubt it because I don't exactly have a huge following), but I am posting pictures of the two sets of mitts that I sent out to her. The other goodies in her box can stay a secret!

Oh, and I promised a funny story. K.J, the monster, has really been getting along with Liberace quite well lately. They have so much space to spread out in our new place that they hardly fight or anything. I was thinking about that recently when I happened to take a closer look at the King himself...

It's hard to tell from this picture but KJ has a huge chunk of black hair sticking to his nail... See it? Apparently, they had been playing a little too hard, yet again.

When detained for questioning, K.J. had "no comment." The tricky lil' bastard... I guess even if they have plenty of room, the boys are going to play a little too rough every now and again...


Listing makes me happy

"Come on and get happy..."

  1. We are finally getting closer to being unpacked.
  2. This weekend has been amazing, despite a few bumps in the round.
  3. Yesterday we went on a canoe trip. It was chilly, but everything was going great until RT had to take a pit stop. In an effort to get to the shore so that he could get out and micturate, we ended up tipping into the water. I'm sure I wouldn't have been so bummed if it wasn't OCTOBER. Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day, but dang that water was cold. The trip took us almost an extra hour because our friends had to wrangle the tipped canoe to shore and then I had to get back to "good-tempered Kristen" before I could crawl back in.
  4. Monday is my first Anatomy Exam... I am nervous.
  5. There may come a point, very soon actually, that I decide schooling from 8am-4pm and working 4:30pm-9:30pm is just a little too much. Boy have I been exhausted lately, and it took a nice leisurely Saturday to make that point abundantly clear.
  6. On Friday, I received an waited package from Ms. Lynne, the Yarnivore. (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.) There was absolutely BEAUTIFUL YARN inside, almost too-amazing-to-use stitch markers, and chocolate, sweet chocolate! There was also an Australian postcard which will be added to my collection as soon as I figure out which wall in my new apartment is going to be covered. (There will be pictures of the package as soon as I stop being a lazy arse and upload them.)
  7. With that new yarn, I am going to actually start socktoberfest. Is it justifiable to drink a brew while I make these socks?
  8. Tomorrow I have a dilemma, during my lunch hour, I can either go to a talk on Pain Management (which sounds really cool) or study for my anatomy exam, any thoughts?
  9. Today is not going to feel like weekend :-( .... I am at work now, after work I have to go study, then I have some more work to do, then study group, then home. All in all, I will probably be gone from home again today from 9am-9pm. Boo!
  10. I might* actually get my loan money tomorrow. This would make things like paying the bills and buying groceries possible. I have been waiting for this money for almost a month now, so hopefully it will magically appear in my account tomorrow. That would be sweet.
  11. My simple mind really likes lists. My head jumps from one thing to the next several times a minute, perhaps that is why I am so good at multi-tasking.
  12. I am coming down to the wire on my swaps. It shouldn't be too hard to finish up the packages and get them out on Wednesday. Getting my loan money would probably help this cause as well...
  13. RT, being the amazing human being that he is, drove me to work this morning. I think someone was watching out for us though because there was a marathon this morning. If we had been just a couple minutes later, he would have gotten stuck in the traffic and had several choice words for me... oh goodness.


Just in the Knit of Time

Corny title, I know.

Anyway, this week I had been busy feeling sorry for myself until Deb stepped it. If you so choose, you may cue the superhero music now...

In a week where I have been feeling down and pathetic (a mix of left over weekend feelings, and a wonderfully nasty head cold), I received a wonderfully put together Knitflix package.

Exhibit A:
:::there is supposed to be a picture here of my goods, but I realized a little late that someone's address is in full view, so I have taken it down until I can amend the picture:::

The package included, but was not limited to: V for Vendetta, Logan's Run, Planter's Peanuts, Hersey's Candy bar (size: Gigantic), two bags of popcorn, AMAZING yarn, Lavendar limb balm, a beautiful green bag, a set of Chibi needles (How did she know I have been craving those?), a retro-cute-alicious measuring tape, Stitch markers, safety scissors (also great to go in a traveling knitting bag that I will make someday), post-its (seriously, I use post-its like it is my job- Imagine my job title: Post-it user-upper), a delicious set of bamboo cable needles, and in front, a halographic DisneyLand Post card.

I'm not sure that you can understand my level of excitement, but I will just let you know that my partner absolutely made my day. Really. Conversations around my house have gone something like this for quite a while now:

Me: Are there any movies you want to see right now, I feel like there are movies that we need to rent or go see or something?
RT: Yeah, We have been meaning to go see V for Vendetta for a long time, is it out on video yet?
Me: I dont know, maybe I should check on that.


RT: Should I go rent a movie for us for tonight? A nice relaxing evening might be nice.
Me: Well, I would say you should go rent V for Vendetta, but I am too tired to stay awake that long after work. Maybe tomorrow?
RT: Ok, I guess.

Do you get yet that I am totally excited to be watching that movie? Luckily, I need to block off some time this weekend to make some mitts for my Warm Hands, Warm Hearts swap partner. Wow, all these swaps are hard to keep track of.

While I watch it, I might just eat these. They were in the picture above, but I just wanted you to get a better look. How stinking cute are they? Hopefully I will be able to even open the packaging, they might be too cute to ruin though. hehe.

Lastly, I'll leave you with the "aw" factor for today. Aunt Shirley, or "Auntie Grandma" if you are my kitties, has two adorable Pugs. Gus-gus is all black, and Ginger is fawn. They love to snuggle and they are very good at cheering you up. Gus-gus is also the current "Most kissiest pug" Champion from the Western New York Pug Spring Fling 2006 (it was the 6th annual). He lives up to his name.

Lastly, (I know, there are two lastlys today...) we learned about Orgasms being Positive Feedback today. I maybe be immature but this made me giggle.


It was a hard weekend

So, in the absence of coherent thought, I present for your viewing pleasure...Filler.

I'm not sure whether to be pleased or insulted.