Cat got your....yarn?

Love the random, proper grammar optional


This is the scarf that never ends

Yes, it goes on, and on my friends.

This is the part where I apologize for getting that song stuck in your head. I really am, very sorry.

I have officially been knitting Harry Potter scarves forever. While I do enjoy reading the books and watching the movies, I can only take these scarves for so long.

The first one took forever because last quarter was a bear. The scarf would go to school with me everyday and I would accomplish knitting across one needle, on a good day. -I am making it in the round, on double points.- With 27 rounds per stripe for 11 stripes (I don't believe this is perfect compared to the scarves from the movies but I just couldn't make anymore), that would take me 891 days to complete (27 rounds x 11 stripes x 3 needles per round).

So finally, I was finished with school and picked up the pace. I wasn't studying too much anymore, just working. Last week, I finished the first one. I immediately cast on the second one and have been working on it during slow times at work. Today I will start the 3rd stripe, but it just seems to be taking forever.

Next week, while I am off of work (I am going home to visit family/friends/old co-workers, so I don't count it as vacation really), I plan to do LOTS of knitting. My goal is to have the second scarf completed and all the ends tucked in by next Wednesday.

While this may be a little ambitious, I have to think about the fact that I still have sockapalooza socks to get cracking on! I am so excited to get to work on those babies, I just have to come up with some ideas! I think I have some yarn that will work, but my sock pal mentioned something about knee highs. That is going to take me for-ev-er. Good thing I like knitting.... ;-)


Summer is here!

Summer is finally here and I am so glad. I'm not thinking in complete thoughts so I will just do some Random monday-ness.

1. The love of my life and I celebrated one year of marital bliss on Saturday. Holy crow did that go fast. He is amazing and I am lucky to have someone that will put up with me for that long. To celebrate, we went to dinner and a movie.

2. I saw Knocked Up this weekend. Overall, it was a good movie but I was a little saddened. You see, most of the time I take my knitting to the movies and work on some "mindless" knitting while I enjoy the flick. Unfortunately, I am currently working on the HP scarves and the mindless knitting makes click-clacking noises on the metallic needles. Grr, wish I had made these on bamboos...

3. The puppy is doing great. Isabelle, or Izzy, is super smart. She has been taught Sit, Down, Rollover, Paw, Crawl, Stay and the latest is Play Dead. Her favorite is roll over. She has a lot of energy, way more than I was planning on. She is so excited to go visit her Grandma and Auntie Grandma in New York next week!

4. Over a week ago now we got furniture from RT's parents. Most of it still sits in our ittie bittie living room waiting to be reorganized. Last night I decided I had had enough and attempted to do some reorganizing. Well, RT helped me move the sofa bed and next thing I know my little hand is being smooshed in the door frame. Ouch. I am sitting here with ice on my hand which makes it difficult to type.... :-(

5. I could have posted sooner this "yay, I'm done with school" post, but I have been addicted to lately. From reading other blogs, I am not the first one to give my praises to these two for designing the site, but it is AMAZING. It is a great way to organize my knitting, but also a great way to research knits I plan on doing in the future. If I'm not sure how I will like knitting a particular pattern, I can just look up how other people have done... their final products, their notes on it, what yarn they used. I am just thoroughly impressed.

6. Starting this week, I might be working on a very special project. Stay tuned, because I don't want to jinx myself, but I'll give it away soon enough.

I feel like there is a whole bunch more that I need to tell you guys right now but I am totally blocked. Hopefully, I'll be back later or tomorrow. Until then, Have a great Monday!