Cat got your....yarn?

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Some randomness

I have really busy since school started, hence the absence! I thought you might a little update on what I have been up to...

1. My little baby has been "fixed" this past week. Due to her inability to leave her incision alone, she was fitted with a stylish "E-Collar." Boy does she look pathetic as she tries to walk around and gets it caught on anything and everything. Eating is also a challenge. Her breakfast is somewhere under there!

2. I was lucky enough to win a contest over at Valerie's blog. The yarn is absolutely beautiful. I have been thoroughly enjoying some yarn fondle-age while I try not to immediately cast on another pair of socks. I am absolutely certain that this will knit up like heaven. She also sent some beautiful ribbon in matching colors and the card she sent was even beautiful. Amazing!

3. I have been knitting the Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet since seeing it on Brainy Lady's blog. The yarn is recycled from a sweater I picked up at a local thrift store. Although there hasn't been a lot of knitting time since school started, it has been very nice for the few minutes I have had. (Warning: very crappy, inside picture ahead!)

4. This week was a first string of important quizzes at school. They went ok, and I scored above the average on both of them! This makes me happy mostly because the average on the first was an A- and the second average was at B. My stupid class is full of smarties. They would make it a lot easier on me if they would just slack off... hehe.

5. Today I decided to take some time off from studying and go to the movies! This is very exciting for me. We are going to see Superbad. I will be taking my capelet...

I think that is it for now. Keep your fingers crossed and perhaps I will have some more finished objects to show you soon!