Cat got your....yarn?

Love the random, proper grammar optional


I take beautiful pictures


This is a picture of the teaching gardens that I walk by every day on my way to work. When flowers first started blooming, there were massive amounts of those cute miniature daffodils I saw everywhere this year. Now there are pansies and flowered trees and lots and lots of different kinds of hosta. Mm, spring.

Spring has not always been my favorite season. As a child, it marked the end of the school year. While most students rejoiced, I was aware that it meant working on the farm and seeing little-to-none of my friends. Yeah, I was one of those geeky kids that looked forward to school starting again in the fall. I don't understand why people do not like to learn. Learning is exploring; it is an opportunity to broaden ones knowledge base. I guess I was just always excited because that is my strength. I am not particularly good at sports, or social situations (mainly because I do not care enough to soak up the required pop culture trivia needed to sustain normal conversation). Anywho, back to the point. Lost myself for a minute there... hehe. Spring has not always been my favorite season. This year, however, I have conceded to enjoying spring. New leaves, new hope, beautiful surroundings; I'm loving it. This thought still lingers though... It means summer is just around the corner... Yuck.


Where have I knit?

Contests make me a happy girl! I read about this over at Stumbling Over Chaos.

Like most knitters online, my knitting goes almost everywhere with me. For the most part, people are understanding of my hobby and even a little curious sometimes. I literally have at least one project on me at all times which usually lends itself to knitting in some very creative places. I am going to work on coming up with all the places/situation that have been interesting...but guess what that means? More lists!! I could list the reasons why I love lists so much, but I think that would be over doing it! hehe. But I digress, my list of places I have knit:

1.) We play trivia up at the bar, so I bring my knitting for during the "intermissions." This trick usually mortifies the pants, so I will only do it for a while before giving in. (Got to get his goat for a little while!)

2.) While waiting in the radiology department at the vet hospital. I even gave lessons to a fourth year vet student on clinics about how to make socks. She got to watch while I worked on sock pal creations.

3.) During UFC. While we were at a friend's house, it was the situation that was less knitting-condusive. Such a peaceful hobby to have people around you (hehe, and perhaps even myself) yelling things like "HIT HIM HARDER" and "DO THE ARM BAR" and other, less peaceful things.

4.) Poker nights are Tuesday and sometimes the group starts without me if I get out of work late. That is no problem... I just take over my knitting so I can work on my project between hands. (I am usually all time dealer once I arrive).

5.) Outside while I watched my city-slicker boyfriend take a horseback riding lesson at my mother's farm(trust me, it was even funnier than it sounds- what he wouldn't do for me!) Everyone got a big chuckle out of me knitting even as we walked to and from the arena. I am a superior multitasker!

That's all for now. I really enjoy reading everyone else's lists!


Lists, lists, give me more lists

Random things for today:

1. April 22, 2006 Please sponsor me by clicking below ( and then the link that says "Sponsor me" on the right). I have a pretty high (for me goal), but anything helps! Thanks!

2. We got our apartment. We won't be moving until September 1st, but I can't wait!

3. I am working on Easter socks for my mother. I think she is going to LOVE them!

4. Spring has hit and it becomes harder on a daily basis to walk from the vet hospital to the church without straying. Having two "jobs" is blowing right now. But I don't want to quit either.

5. In two weeks I will be taking in another kitty. I haven't decided on a name yet, but Liberace will be getting a brother. If all goes according to plan, they can entertain each other instead of playing with/ruining all my things, oh goodness.

6. I like lists.


A Thing of Beauty

My first attempt at a toe-up sock is going swimmingly. It was a little awkward getting started, but we are rolling now. This much was knit last night while the boys played poker or video games....

This video game. Let me tell you. There was nudity. A lot of nudity. I had a giggle when I saw that the game was rated "Mature." Doesn't that seem like a bit of an oxymoron? There was even a scene where you banged these prostitutes to gain "energy" points. If that isn't contradictory to every guy I know, I don't know what is...


My Favorite Things

...My version of whiskers on kittens.... (sorry, movie reference)

Although some people thought this was a cable pattern, it wasn't. I cheated. This mock cable sock was inspired by a stitch pattern I saw in a book (I guess I will have to look that up). If anyone is interested in making a similar pair, let me know and I will get you the notes on how I made them.

My least favorite things though are weaving in ends. But that is all I have to do before this project is done. I will definitely be making a pair for myself in the near future. Maybe next week though, I will have a modeled shot where someone else takes the picture. My legs just aren't long enough to get a good shot. And my couch really needs to be washed!


My stash

A. Random yarn that doesn't fit anywhere. That will soon be changed because RT's mom gave us a big tote that I will be able to better organize into. Sweet.

B. The white cupboard is filled to the brim with random yarn as well. There is a bunch of string in here too that I still haven't found what to do with.

C. My large stack of leaflets, books, magazines, and notebooks with online patterns I have printed off.

D. My (also larger) stack of vintage patterns. The ones on top are "the Workbasket." The oldest date is 1961, it has been very fun going through those, and there are even a few patterns I would consider making. There are, however, some real "gems" in here that I may have to share at a later date.

E. The box has a bunch of squares that I started for a blanket that I will someday give my friend John. It was started a long time ago though, so who knows. There are also some skeins of some pretty ugly stuff that I have yet to find a use for.

F. The basket, which is Liberace's scratching post, has about 7 skeins of a teal colored mohair blend yarn, plus some other acrylics. On top is my work in progress (well, at least the ones I will fess up to) pile. I have my sockapaloooza socks (the green), another pair of socks, some scarlet and grey wool for a to-be-felted purse, and some wool-ease that will eventually be a chemo cap.

(A close up of the wips)

G. The end table that now holds my microwave used to hold all of my yarn. The latch just needs to be lifted and the door swings open. After coming home to yarn wound around every piece of furniture I own several times, I realized that Liberace could open this container on his own making it a less than great place to store my precious yarn.