Cat got your....yarn?

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The best intentions

I take pictures everyday. My camera goes with me every where. As I snap a shot (hehe), I always write the post in my head. Why then, you ask, is it that I only manage to post once a week or so? Apparently, I am amazingly lazy when it comes to actually uploading the pictures and composing the post.

Here is a great example:

Last Tuesday- see what I mean-, I missed the bus to work. This is not a big deal because catching the bus to work always makes me early and if I walk I only get there a few minutes late. It more to save energy (I have pretty long days) than to save time.

So I am walking along and I hear cars honking and sitting at a green light. Silly me, I assume that the hold up is an inattentive driver sitting at the front of the line. As I walk closer, and even past the hold up (remember, my short legs walk SLOW so this has been a good 5-10 minutes), I see what the problem is. This is probably the first and last time I will ever think "Man, is it good to be a walker." hehe

They were just chillin' like villains in the middle of the intersection.

On a side note: instead of arriving at 8:52 like I always do, I got to work at 9:06. The people in the office were searching for my cell number because they were worried something had happened to me! Boy, I think I'm a little too predictable!

Today's "Aw" factor: Three week old "Echo" was a kitten that was found by a friend's dog. She was hiding under a porch but has been adopted. Yay! But she is just so tiny and cute!



I am feeling rather pirate-tous today. You see, I lost the last surviving member of the "Right Eye Contact lens" clan sometime yesterday afternoon. It wasn't bad until I had to drive home (!- I don't have a car, but I was borrowing one) in the dark. I was very safe, but yes- kids, don't try this at home. I spent most of today at work, working with my right eye shut. You see, it is the mixture of seeing with one eye and blurring with the other eye that makes one a little nauseous.

I know this one off-color pirate joke, but I don't think here is the time, nor the place, hehe. Maybe if you ask real nice...

Anyway, there is another thing that is making me feel pirate-tous lately. There is a clue in this picture. Something about it will be changing in the next few weeks, and craving this change makes me feel like a pirate. Can you tell I like to be secretive?

~It was bright outside~

A slightly better picture to prove I don't always look like butt.

Although I do look pretty tired in this one huh?

Oh- PS. I have been knitting, but it is slightly-boring-but-fast scarves for Claudia (I don't know if she has a web page, but she definitely has myspace). She is hoping to send 100 scarves to a local shelter by Christmas and you can "Send a message" to her to find out how to help.

Aw factor for today:

"I'm watching you!"


Many Hats

I recently realized that since KJ has come into my life, bless his spastic heart, Liberace has been placed on the "back burner" so to speak. I don't talk about him as much, take his picture as much, or even give him as much attention (I think he may like all these things because he is not particularly social). I thought, however, that I would take this opportunity to share with you his versatile abilities and how he tried to earn some money at different jobs to pay for his cat nip habit. Bare with me here because it requires a lot of pictures:

After watching a special about The Art Of Motion Control, Liberace decided to try to act like a Ribbon dancer. Maybe this wasn't his finest moment because he got distracted and just wanted to "kill it." hehe.

Then he decided he would try for a position at FedEx. Since I have been commenting about he is a little "fluffy around the mid-section," he thought he would be best suited in the packing department. His job title would be Packing Material. This is a picture of him preparing for the interview.

That didn't work out so well, mostly because he had no qualms about eating perishable package contents. Then he saw an ad for an opening as a model. He practiced for that audition using one of my partially finished scarves, seen here. It would have worked out (he is very attractive), if he hadn't been so worried about nudity.

From one of the other models, he found out about an opportunity with the circus that came through. They needed another Lion to brandish chairs at and what not. He thought he would be great for the job, until he realized the physical activity involved in jumping through hoops of fire!

Finally, he heard from one of the clowns in the circus about a real acting opportunity. A production of the Wizard of Oz. With all the drama he creates, and his wicked tendencies, he was a shoe in for the Wicked Witch of the West. I have never seen him happier.

-I'm not sure why blogger wont let me load all of the pictures, hopefully it will later :-(



A while back, for "Administrative Assistant's" day I got a gift certificate to my favorite yarn store (Knitter's Mercantile- link in side bar). I had been saving it because I am moving in a little over a month and I just wasn't really sure what I wanted to get with my money.

Then, I saw that the new Knitty was out. A lot of the patterns are just wonderful. I have heard quite a bit of buzz about Fetching. It just so happens that I wanted to try that out myself! So, I took my gift certificate and marched right on down to the store. Well, if we want to be completely honest with each other, RT drove me down to the store- he is such a good sport. His first question when we got there was "What time does the store close?" hehe.

I bought some Debbie Bliss because that is what the pattern calls for, but then I also bought a wool/mohair/something-else-I-don't-remember blend that was on sale (40% off, sheeeet). I also bought a set of 5 #2 dpns and a set of 5 #6 dpns (the ones needed for said project).

I cast on in the car. Two days later I had these. I think they will be gifted because I just love to share my love of knitting with family and friends. Please don't let me in on the secret that they are not nearly as thrilled. :-P

ETA: I totally neglected to explain the title of this post! (Blond much?) I bought two skeins of nice! yarn and two sets of needles. Out of my $25 gift certificate, I spent $24.25. I am very proud of my estimating skillz, hehe because I was trying to get as close as possible without going over. The nice store clerk also just gave me the $0.75 back!

Today's "aw" factor:

"Mom, its day time, I'm trying to sleep."


A "look on the bright side"

As you know, I will be moving in the end of August/beginning of September. I will have a 3 bedroom apartment with a full basement (equipped with a washer AND a dryer), a kitchen, a porch, and a little patch of lawn! My momma was going to come down to help me move, because I have so much stuff. Where did it all come from?! Well, to make a long story short, she will not be gracing me with her presence like planned. It was very sad, but I see that it is necessary that she stay where she is...

So, instead, she has proposed that RT and I rent a car and drive up to Rochester for a week in September. She has even suggested that they will pay for the car AND spring for a hotel room for him and I to have some much needed QT. I am very excited but the only thing is, it might be hard to fit that in with our already jam-packed schedule!

August 25th- I have to be out of my apartment

September 1st- We can move into our new place

September 8th- Kira's Wedding :-) in Ra-cha-cha, so The Week will have to be sometime around then

September 10th- RT has to be out of his apartment (I like the overlap here!)

September 16th- Andrew and Lindsay's Wedding

September 20th- I START SCHOOL!

Now, remember this is all around my 60 hours/week work schedule. I think I may end up taking some time off, just that I can breath.

Well- Now that I am done whining, would you like to see a picture of my goofy kitty? I don't know of any cats that are as bendy as King James. Look at how he is all stretched out!