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A is for Afterthought

I joined the ABC Along. This is exciting to me because I enjoy (amateur) photography, knitting, and blogging. These are all things that I like doing, but get pushed off if I don't "have to" do them. So I am hoping that with joining this group I will feel more obligated to do all three!

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So on to A!

A is for Afterthought.

Interestingly enough, the best time in my day to knit is at school while I'm stuck in one chair for 8 hours or so every day. Class knitting is a fine art though. You want to pick a project that is fairly small so that you won't cause too much of a distraction. It needs to be a small project that isn't too fiddly. Ya know- if I bother to go to class (which I do every day), I can't spend too much time worrying about patterns.

Here's the problem, socks would fit perfect if they didn't have that fiddly heel. Knitting a flap and then picking up stitches, and then a gusset... Forget it! I would certainly not be paying attention to the professor's explanation of contraindications for urinary bladder contrast studies, or whatever they are blabbering about... hehe. So I thought socks were out...

I thought I was out of luck until I read Yarn Harlot's recent blog about Afterthought heels. So far I have knit one whole pair, and 3/4th of a second pair of socks. In the evening when I can devote more attention to what I am doing, I can go back and put in the heel. What genius!

B, Here we come. This is going to be fun!